“I have worked with Bill for years now ( when I was in assignment sales at Getty Images in NY and LA) and he is 100% consumate professional. I highly recommend working with Bill and you won’t be dissapointed!”

 Mick Magsino

“Bill was always great to work with and more importantly, someone I could depend on. I highly recommend him.”

– Mish Whalen

“William Thomas Cain’s photographs speak volumes. The photos he took for my articles while we worked for the Inquirer were always beautiful and illustrated the article perfectly. Cain’s eye is impeccable and his work ethic impressive. The job always was done right, on time, and with the highest attention to detail. In the years since the Inquirer, I’ve hired him to do photos for some of my projects and the results were always of the highest quality.”

– Maura Ciccarelli

“Bill Cain is an excellent photographer. He understands the big picture — literally — while not missing the details.” – Cheryl Squadrito
“Bill Cain is an outstanding, detail minded photographer. Bill’s photographic eye is one in a million!”

 Dave Jackson

“William Thomas Cain is not only an extraordinary photographer, he is a committed journalist. He is an independent thinker who always seeks out the heart of the story. He is also, just as important, a trusted, helpful colleague and friend. He inspires the rest of us to work harder, to be better photojournalists.”

– Linda Johnson

“Bill was always great to work with. Not only did he make beautiful images but he had great journalistic sense and always was in sync with the writers he was collaborating with.”

– Monique El-Faizy

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