One of the coolest..

One of the coolest things about being a photojournalist is the fact that I get to meet so many people from all walks of life.

While making picture of the sun setting over the Delaware Bay, a couple who had just moved into the neighborhood by my family’s home in Villas, NJ. They were trying to make a self portrait with an iPhone and the flash, to me, was obviously not powerful enough to overcome the light of the sun setting to light them in the foreground while still capturing the colorful sunset. Watching them, I had to interrupt and offer to make the picture for them. I tried using the iPhone, but as I thought the flash couldn’t cut it. So, I grabbed my Nikon D800, which had a much more powerful strobe on it.
So, I made the pix using my camera and flash thus filling in the foreground with enough light to cover them and still capture the light from the sun. Sometimes it helps to run into a professional.

How do I know they just moved in? I ask questions. Always asking questions. I can be very nosey, but that information helps me when making portraits of a subject that I do not know of understand. The reason that I do ask questions I so I can better tell a story. Anyhow here’s the pic.