How to Watermark Images Using Plum Amazing’s iWatermark Pro

Follow the directions in the video to use this fabulous watermarking program. It will save you much time and effort not having to go into Photoshop or Lightroom to watermark your images. You can also resize the pix as well.

To download and try Plum Amazing’s iWatermark Pro, go here:

Six Very Cool iPhone and Android Apps

During one of my basic photo classes a few weeks ago, the subject of photo apps for iPhone and Android came up. A student asked what kind of photography apps I use for my iPhone.
In no specific order, here are 6 of the apps I utilize most.
Camera + – Has allot of pretty cool filters and tools. You can edit the image, adjust horizon, add special effects as well as borders. One of my favorite things about the app is the HDR filter. Sometimes when using my iphone camera, the shadows are a bit dark. The HDR filter picks those up and makes the image pop. Some of the tools include image stabilizer, timer, and burst mode for fast shooting. You can share the images on FB. I don’t actually shoot with this app. My workflow with Camera Plus is as follows: Import image, edit (usually clarity filter to start), then FX filters, then export to camera roll. Then to Instagram or Facebook.
Instagram – If I shoot something with the iPhone, I almost always share it on Instagram. You can crop, add filters, tag, locate, share. Pretty fun app that helps me keep in touch with some of my fellow photographers.
BTW: My instagram is
PhotoCalc – (No longer available)  This app can be used to calculate depth of field, flash exposure, a solar calculator, and reciprocity. I don’t use it as much as I’d like, but it’s still a great little app.
LightTrac – This is an app that I use to determine the best time(s) to set up a shoot. It comes in handy especially for weddings. One day I was chatting with a bride about the flow of her day and we were trying to decide the best time to do portraits. She said, “What time do you think the light would be better on my wedding day?” I pulled out my iPad and opened LightTrac. The app told me the best time would be around 4:30pm, so we’d have at least an hour or two of decent sunset light for the portrait session. Love this app!!
Pocket Light Meter – I’ve just recently started using this app. One day I wasn’t sure if my light meter in one of my Nikon cameras was working properly. So, I downloaded this app, and made a quick test image and metering the spot in frame that I needed to expose correctly. This thing was great!! Not only does it give you a picture with the exposure alongside, it shows the date and time as well as GPS coordinates. Well worth the $1.99.
Easy Release – This app is a wonderful tool. Rather then carry a clip board with paper releases, I carry this on my iPhone or iPad. It has model and property releases and you can make a headshot of your subject to attach to the release form. Once the model has signed the release on your iphone or ipad you can email a copy to all parties. Very, very cool!!!