Infante Engagement Session Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, Pa.

I photographed an engagement session in Rittenhouse Square a few weeks ago. Great couple. Great images. Beautiful Light!
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93.3 WMMR 45th Anniversary

With WMMR‘s 45th anniversary this month, I’ve been thinking of doing a series of limited edition prints.
The first would be the view from the old studio at 19th and Walnut in Philadelphia overlooking Rittenhouse Square.
Let’s preface this by saying that from about 1985 to 1987, I worked as one of the radio station photographers and made pictures of various station events. This was long before the internet, so, what the station did was publish a “Survival Guide” for listeners.
Pictured here is the cover of the 18th Anniversary edition. It featured some interesting stories, bios, and photos.
A few months ago my wife and I stopped by to have a look at some of my old work that hangs on the walls at the station. The most prominent is a 20×30 print that hangs in the air studio of the view looking over Rittenhouse Square that was shot in 1992 when the station was leaving for it’s new home at 5th and Market Streets in Philadelphia. Pierre Robert had asked me to stop by and make the image, because he wanted to always remember the view that was so much part of the radio station’s history. Over the last 20 years the image has faded from the sun sreaming into the studio directly onto the print.
So, here is my problem, I am in the process of replacing that print and am trying to decide which image to go with. Question is, should I show the window framing or just the view through the actual window? The plan is to replace the print hanging in the studio with the first of about 50 limited edition prints to be available through this site.
Here are some of the other images from that time period:
Pierre holds carrot cut while working as a roadie at the Moody Blues show in 1986.
Pierre meditates before going on air in 1985.
Joe Bonadonna and Pierre Robert in the air studio in 1985.
If you’re ever touring the radio station, have a look on the walls.
You may see some of my images. (see below)